Last Letter (Sci-Fi desolation)

There were paintings here, in the Before. Now there are bare walls and voids screaming with an ocean-sized silence. The echoes of the Missing. Emptiness left after the Others came. Why not me? I'm not sure but I'm still here and they're not. That's the only thing I really know and for the longest time, … Continue reading Last Letter (Sci-Fi desolation)

So, What Am I Up To?

I like to occasionally take a look around and assess my progress - my writing goals, projects, personal junk, everything. Every few months keeps me on track and what better time to get into the nitty-gritty details than in the new year? First, I must say this: can you BELIEVE it's 2020? 😮😮😮 Not sure … Continue reading So, What Am I Up To?

The Essential Author Gift List – Presents for Writers

**What Every Writer Should Have In Their Arsenal** Whether you are shopping for yourself or others, businesses know we're looking for sales! Especially this time of year. The Best Presents for Writers Like any author, I have a wishlist, and I've asked some of the best authors I know for recommendations. Hopefully, this list will … Continue reading The Essential Author Gift List – Presents for Writers